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Black-forest-hotels: Here you can find suitable hotels, inns etc. in the Black Forest / Lake Constance area without any costs.

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In our Black-Forest-Shop  you can online order the most interesting products of the Black Forest like cuckoo clocks, dolls, weather huts and so on. Also you can oder biker tours through the Black-Forest and and the southern part of europe

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black forest shop

Hotels in Black Forest North

Hotels in Black Forest Middle

Hotels in Black Forest South

Hotels in Lake Constance area

We will help you to find suitable accommodations (regarding price, date, comfort etc.) for your holidays in the Black Forest / Lake Constance area.
It is very easy for you and without any costs to find an accommodation (in hotels, inns  etc.) , which fits your interests. The only thing you have to do, is to fill out and send us an inquiry form. You will get this inquiry form, if you click on the buttom "inquiry" on each hotel description. Within a few days (2-3) we will make you some offers of suitable accommodations by e-mail . Now you can select one of these offers and can book by only sending back our e-mail-offer. All this service is without any costs for you!

Donīt hesitate and check immidiatly our new accommodation service.
Please select ( only click on one of the underlined texts in the map below) first the region or city for which you need an accommodation. 
We have just started our service and will increase the number of hotels and cities steadily.

Black Forest / Lake Constance Map

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